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70291 Handbook for Multi-Needle Tools,
Volume 1, by Linda Williams

A comprehensive, 108 page handbook Size 227 x 227 mm., written by Linda Williams explaining the uses of multi-needle tools.

Follow along with parchment craft expert Linda Williams, who will guide you through the versatile and wonderful possibilities of Pergamano multi-needle tools. With tips, tricks, patterns, techniques and much more, you'll learn the intricate art of perforation, from picot cutting to lacework.

This book is fantastic for beginners and experienced parchment crafters alike. With twelve projects, step-by-step instructions, photographs, as well as detailed pattern maps for ideas and inspiration, everyone can explore the many designs made possible by Pergamano multi-needle tools.

96901 'The Art of Painting'
Have you always wanted to learn to paint as the Masters of Parchment Craft? Then this is your chance. This book will teach you the ins and outs of painting on parchment paper from none other than Master Teacher, Gerti Hofman. From the 21 projects in this book, 8 projects are described step-by-step, this will teach you how the paintwork is built up, which colours are painted first and how to apply shading. 80 pages - A4 size.
97051 Exclusive Creations
In this book, Kannikar Sukseree and Akiko Shida show that exclusive does not always mean difficult. The designs testify to their excellent taste and are varied and not too difficult. The mixture of whiteworking and colourful cards make this book a must for every Pergamano enthusiast.
21 projects with full colour illustrations, working descriptions and patterns. 48 pages, 220 x 260mm
97101 Anneke's Floral Beauty
Anneke's 13th book offers 22 new patterns, many of which include lovely flower designs. Full colour illustrations, work descriptions and patterns. 48 pages, 190 x 260mm
97121 Parchment Craft for Pleasure
Pat Hasking is one of the first Registered Pergamano Tutors in England. She has used her love of Parchment Craft and her natural enthusiasm to write 'Pergamano - Parchment Craft for Pleasure'. Her designs are simple and pleasant and not very time-consuming. Detailed instructions, clear patterns and beautiful full-colour photographs combined with your own efforts, will result in a surprisingly lovely final product.
48 pages, 140 x 200mm
97261 Vellum Designs
This book contains 23 designs using various Parchment Vellums. The pieces consist of greeting cards, gift tags, a scrapbook page and various other projects. Full colour photographs, working descriptions, patterns and even four vellums are included. 48 pages, 190 x 260mm
97281 Natural Inspiration
This second book about parchment craft from Gerti Hofman shows that nature gives her great inspiration. The colours and possibilities offered by parchment vellum and fantasy parchment ispired her also. There is no doubt making the gorgeous projects from this book will satisfy you! 56 pages, 190 x 260mm
97311 Surprisingly Versatile Parchment Paper
In this book, Hannelore Drews will show you how surprisingly versatile parchment paper is. Whereas the focus has conventionally been on modifying the paper, she shows how to achieve wonderful results by incorporating this paper in your pieces. It is not difficult to work with and it always looks elegant and amazing, whether you make cards, lamps or paintings. 48 pages, 210 x 210mm
97331 Christmas Decorations
Exceptional Christmas projects on the diagonal grid; mobile with stars, 3-D stars for decoration, a Christmas bell, tealight holders, lampshades and Christmas cards - highly recommended!
48 pages, 220 x 260mm
97361 Stencilling with Pastels
You too have the ability to make a beautiful picture. Using stencils, pastels and your own fingers you can create the most wonderful creations on parchment paper. In this book, Jannie van Schuylenburg not only explains the technique step-by-step but also includes 21 patterns so that you can start work straight away.
48 pages, 210 x 210mm

97381 The Joy of Parchment Craft
This is Pat Hosking's fifth book with no fewer than 18 projects, reflecting many different styles from classic bookmarks to modern greeting cards. Every project has a beautifully perforated edge, making each card a new challenge. In addition to all this you can apply your passion for painting to the painted creations. Through its diversity, this book is an absolute must-have for both the beginning and experienced parchment craft enthuiast. 48 pages, 140 x 200mm
97401 Love & Roses
After the successful debut of 'The Language of Flowers', the theme of this second book by Tatsue Shibata is the rose. Of all flowers the rose is very special to Tatsue. To her it is like an icon, a theme that runs forever in her life. The 'Queen of Flowers', the rose evokes feeling and emotions in people, such as passion and love with a red rose and purity with a white rose. In this book a rose is the main subject for each of the projects; she hopes that these will move you and give you a certain feeling. The work descriptions and the colour photographs will help you while creating the pieces. 22 projects, 48 pages, 220 x 260mm
97431 Parchment Dreams
In this, her first book, Miki Green proves that Parchment Craft is widely known all over the world. A large number of the different Pergamano techniques are used in this book and you will be able to find an appropriate design for most occasions. For both beginners and the advanced this book will bring many hours of crafting pleasure. 25 projects, 48 pages, 220 x 260mm

Delightful Designs
This book contains no less than 27 delightful projects by Anneke Oostmeijer. She is a renowned author in the world of Parchment Craft and has been for many years already. Her taste for colour and composition make the designs in this book true works of art. The elegant cards are suitable for many different occasions. Besides the comprehensive work descriptions this book also includes all patterns and colour illustrations. The book is suited for beginners as well as advanced crafters, due to the large diversity of techniques and materials that are being used. 48 pages, 220 x 260mm
The Art of Embossing
In this book you will learn all there is to know about the embossing on parchment paper technique. The author Kannikar Sukseree will show you, step-by-step, how to achieve the best results on the transparent paper. This way you will not only learn how to use the various embossing tools but also how a light source influences the shadows and highlights in a design. That is what gives the design a dimensional effect on a flat piece of parchment paper. After reading the theoretical part and the step-by-step explanation, you will have the opportunity to put all you have learned into practice with the many white work projects. The book counts no less than 80 pages and is a true must for any parchment craft enthuiast. A4 size.
97481 Baby Treasures
This book by Linda Williams features 27 versatile projects including cards for a newborn baby, twins and even triplets! Alsi included are invitation cards for a christening and a beautiful wall decoration for the nursery. It is a variation of modern, traditional, colourful and white work projects; something for everyone. 27 projects, 64 pages, 220 x 260mm.
97491 Flower Garden

48 page book, as the name suggests, full of flowers.

Flowers are always a favourite topic when it comes to designs for parchment craft. The diversity and many colours of this topic offers endless possibilities. Besides that, flower cards are suitable for almost every occasion, such as birthdays, mother's day or a get well card. The recipient will most certainly appreciate this beautiful piece of work.

In this book, Hiska Wittenaar takes you to her flower garden. She has made a wonderful collection of no less than 26 projects, all of them with flowers as the focal point. The detailed paint work is wonderfully combined with classic embossing and perforating work. The book is a true must for both beginners as well as advanced parchment crafters. Book size is 220 x 260mm soft cover
97611 Royal Lace
White work always remains a favourite subject in parchment craft designing. The versatility and the many details in this subject offer limitless possibilities. In this book Julie Roces shows you her most beautiful white work projects. She has created a lovely collection of no fewer than 26 projects.
64 pages, A4 size.
97621 My Precious Collection
by Gail Sydenham a collection of her most precious designs. 21 varied designs including flowers, butterflies, dogs, cats and birds. The beautiful realistic paint work combined with the fine and elegant lace work makes this book a challenge for both the advanced and the beginning parchment crafter.
48 pages, 220 x 260mm
97631 Passion for Cards
Either for a birthday, wedding, birth, get well wishes or just simply greetings, there is always an occasion to send a card to family and friends. With this book you will have a complete collection of patterns which can be used to make a suitable card for any occasion.
24 projects, 48 pages, 220 x 260mm
97641 Lace Dreams
In her second book, Miki Green shows you her collection of prettiest lace designs. The 23 various designs contain many different themes and ideas. Size A4, 48 pages.
97661 25 Years Pergamano
This book has been created from the input of enthuiastic authors who, in recent years, have made contributions in the form of beautiful books, articles and patterns. Containing 25 assignments by 25 authors whose names will be well known to many of you. Size A4, 80 pages.
97541 Parchment Craft, The Techniques - Vol.4
Dabbing - 46 pages, 210 x 210mm Especially for starters in Parchment Craft, detailed photos and short instructions help you practice your first pieces.
97551 Parchment Craft, The Techniques - Vol.5
Perga-Liners - 48 pages, 210 x 210mm Especially for starters in Parchment Craft, detailed photos and short instructions help you practice your first pieces.
97561 Parchment Craft, The Techniques - Vol.6
Grids - 48 pages, 210 x 210mm Especially for starters in Parchment Craft, detailed photos and short instructions help you practice your first pieces.
81031 Booklet 'Stamps and Multi Grids' Special No: 3
A further booklet showing wonderful projects using more of the Pergamano Clear Stamps and Multi-Grids - A further 33 projects, hints and tips. 32 pages, A4 size.
81041 Booklet 'Creative Cristmas Cards' Special No: 4
32 page A4 booklet - 32 projects (Christmas Cards, Menu Cards, A Table Setting and more! Making use of Clear Stamps and Multi-Grids
81051 Booklet 'Wedding & Baby' Special No: 5

32 page A4 booklet full of beautiful projects in full colour. Contents include 7 ideas with Multi Grid #15, Scrap Cards to enable you to include a photograph of a grandchild, perhaps. Getting started with Clear Stamps.

The most beautiful and stylish wedding cards in black and silver, elegant red and gold and many more for Wedding Invitations, Anniversary Cards, Gift Tags, Wedding day cards and even gift boxes.
81061 Booklet 'It is Party Time' Special No: 6
A further A4 size, 32 page booklet this time with a Party Time theme with an introduction from Tina Cox. Multi-Grids, Clear Stamps and Templates are all used to create a host of Cards, Scrapbook Pages, Cakes, a Night Light, Exploding Box and even stamping a cake!
81071 Booklet 'Summer Time!' Special No: 7
Using Multi-Grids, Clear Stamps and Coloured Vellums create Rocking Card, Circle Card, Butterflies, Paper Flowers, Lampshade, Pinwheel, A Bage and even a Rosette. 32 pages, A4 size.
81091 Booklet 'Butterfly Kisses' Special No: 9
Coasters, Butterflies, Pcket Card, Mothers Day and Fathers Day Cards, More Cards and Matching Envelopes all in this lovely 32 page, A4 size booklet.

98507 Stencilling mini book
98507 A mini A5 booklet describing the technique used with the Stencil crayons and Stencils.
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