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What is Parchment Craft?
Parchment Craft is a very fascinating, creative hobby. By applying varying techniques on parchment paper, you can make all kinds of beautiful pieces. People have been working with parchment since about 500 A.D. The first real parchment was made from animal skins.

Parchment was invented in Turkey and was used all over Europe for books, maps and important documents right up into the 18th century. Parchment Paper In the church, parchment was mainly used for prayer cards. Particularly in South America this craft took on a life of its own from which the parchment craft eventually emerged. The prayer cards were decorated with perforations and beautiful relief work in black and white and sometimes in colour, handmade and later also by machine. Parchment paper is naturally a light grey colour. Due to the strength of the paper it can be modified in various ways without being damaged. A pattern can be transferred onto parchment paper using the PergamanoŽ mapping pen and Tinta ink and can subsequently be coloured in with one of the special PergamanoŽ colouring materials such as: Pintura, Pinta-Perla, Perga-Liners, Perga Colours or Dorso's. The beautiful decorative borders on greeting cards and other projects are made using perforating tools, embossing tools, PergamanoŽ scissors or various other PergamanoŽ products.

For more than 25 years Pergamano has already been a leader in the field of parchment craft. The range offers products for all techniques and skill levels. From gel pens and multi grids to multi-needle perforating tools and acrylic paints. In addition, the range also provides a wide variety of pattern magazines and books which are suitable both for the beginner and for the more advanced hobbyist.